Evaluations provide an assessment of the academic and/or work experience of candidates, and equate them to U.S. educational equivalency. We provide the following types of evaluations:

1. U.S. Degree Equivalence Report.
This entails performing an evaluation of the candidate’s foreign educational credentials, and providing a report based upon industry standards, using resources such as AACRAO Edge database. The report states the candidate’s foreign educational credentials and the US equivalent.

2. Detailed Educational Report.
This is an enhanced version of the U.S. Degree Equivalence Report, as it examines each course that the candidate has completed, the grade that the candidate has received in each course and provides the US equivalent courses and grades.

3. Education and Work Experience Evaluation.
In cases where a candidate may not have a degree in a specific field that qualify him/her for a particular position, this evaluation may establish the candidate’s qualifications based upon progressive and relevant work experience in the particular field coupled with his/her educational credentials. These evaluations are done by qualified university professors with the authority to grant university credit.

4. Customized Candidate Evaluation.
These customized evaluations may go beyond the educational arena and examine the candidate’s qualifications based upon the particular needs of a specific case. For example, depending on the visa sought, this may entail an evaluation of a candidate's credentials based upon their extraordinary abilities or managerial qualifications. These evaluations may be done by university professors or Maystar staff, based upon the needs of the case.

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